business intelligence forums
19 – 21 June 2018, Cambridge, UK
The six half-day business intelligence forums will cover the latest innovations in off-grid energy independence, electric vehicles, Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors. The forums are an ideal way to train staff on these topics and for attendees to learn the latest insights to assist them in making informed business decisions, in a time-efficient manner.

Chemspec Europe 2018

20 – 21 June 2018, Cologne, Germany
Meeting place for experts in the fine and speciality chemicals industry.

Seminar: Suspensions and Emulsions

26 – 27 June 2018, Selb, Germany
The seminar features all aspects of suspensions and emulsions such as working principles; application fields and limits of dispersing machines and characterization methods; improvement of dispersion quality and stability by process optimization; increase of the energy efficiency of dispersing processes; influence of wetting and dispersing additives on the processing and final properties – and many other details regarding suspensions and emulsions. The participants of the seminar have the possibility to bring their own samples for characterization free of charge. Besides the presentations in the seminar room, the practical demonstrations in the lab will allow participants to establish valuable correlations between theory and real applications of emulsions and suspensions.


26 – 28 June 2018, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
At both trade show and conference, it is all about research, developments and innovations in the European pulp and paper industry – right across the whole value chain: ranging from raw material up to paper production to further processing and waste management.

Symposium «Printed Electronics»

4 – 5 July 2018, Nuremberg, Germany
Thin – Flexible – Light. These attributes permit successful implementation in the fields of application mobility and life science – the symposium will highlight technical options, advantages and development potential for printing electronic functionalities, on both conventional and organic materials. The symposium is held in German.

Printing for Functional Applications – Summer School

4 – 13 July 2018, Swansea, UK
This course brings together leading speakers from academia across Europe and Industry to deliver an introduction to printable electronics.  It covers design and applications, all major printing processes (flexo, screen, gravure, pad, offset and inkjet), inks, substrates, curing technology, characterisation technologies and practical sessions.

Propak China 2018

11 – 13 July 2018, Shanghai, PRC
The premier Chinese trade exhibition for processing and packaging technologies for the agricultural, food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household and consumer products, and chemical industries.

3D-Printing for Designers

17 – 18 July 2018, Würzburg, Germany
3D-printing opens up completely new dimensions of engineering beyond the conventional techniques. The design can be adapted at any time and the printed result can be evaluated directly. This course aims to show design options and plant engineering. The course is given in German.

Masterclass Blockchain 2.0

23 – 25 July 2018, Dubai, UAE
All companies will need to start preparing for the greatest technology innovation since the creation of the world wide web. They will need a blockchain strategy that will keep them competitive as they lower costs and increase efficiencies. This 3-day masterclass has been specifically developed for engineers, physicists, solution architects, or any other tech leader wishing to code pilots or bigger blockchain projects on Ethereum.