New water-based acrylic PSA for improved PET bottle recycling

Interview with Elodie Picard, Global Market Strategy Head Tapes & Labels,
Pressure Sensitives Adhesives, Henkel Adhesives Technologies

At Labelexpo Henkel presented Aquence PS 3682 in support of the current trend to make packaging more sustainable. What is this adhesive? This adhesive is a new product that we have launched at Labelexpo. It is a water-based acrylic that we have newly formulated in support of the circular economy, more especially the recycling of single-use PET bottles. This is an adhesive that is suitable for pressure-sensitive adhesive labels used on PET bottles. In some countries, there is a collecting system in place, collecting mainly rigid or semi-rigid PET bottles. The bottles are then crushed into small pieces sort of like flakes which are then put in a caustic bath at a temperature of about 80°C. With the help of the caustic bath and the hot water, the adhesive can be removed from these PET flakes within less than three minutes. These can then potentially be reused to make new bottles. The recycled PET from the bottles without the label and adhesive is purer, which increases its value.

Henkel Adhesives Technologies, B-Brussels,