GLYMO-free laminating PU adhesives for food contact packaging

Interview with Wladimir Moraes, Global Market Manager Flexible Packaging, Industrial Adhesives, Bostik SA

Since the substance GLYMO [(3-glycidyloxypropyl) trimethoxysilane CAS no. 2530-83-8] has a genotoxic potential, the European adhesive association FEICA has recommended that its members replace GLYMO in food packaging adhesives by the end of 2020. What role does GLYMO play in adhesives? It is an adhesion promoter, and common food packaging adhesives in the marketplace may contain it, notably those destined to high-performance packaging that must withstand thermal processes such as sterilization, pasteurization, hot fill or boil-in.

Bostik SA, An Arkema company, F-92700 Colombes