Afera Review

Adhesive tapes – a global take

Afera, the European Adhesive Tape Association, held its 1st Global Adhesive Tape Summit from 11–15 June 2018 in Munich, Germany. Themed «Relationships and drivers in the tape business: creating and leveraging technology, markets, processes, value and opportunities,» the event boasted a sold-out programme of market and technical lectures, as well as a company visit of Neenah Gessner GmbH. The Summit saw the attendance of more than 230 tape-related company delegates, including a significant number of CEOs and heads of R&D, from 15 European countries including Turkey, China, India, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, U.A.E and the U.S. Afera members made up about 71% of the participants, 43 from Afera member tape manufacturers and 104 from member suppliers of raw materials, machines and packaging.

Afera Secretariat, Lejeune Association Management, NL-2593 BM The Hague,,