Biodegradable pressure-sensitive adhesives based on acrylics and their application

By Karolina Mozelewska, Zbigniew Czech, West Pomeranian
University of Technology, Institute of Chemical Organic Technology

Introduction. In the last quarter of this century, polymer products have gained universal use not only in food, clothing and shelter but in the inspiration, construction, medical and leisure industries as well. Synthetic polymers were developed as durable sub­- stitute products. Recently, there is a growing demand for biodegradable polymers as a solution to problems concerning the global environment and solid waste management. The research on bio­degradable polymers has been carried out worldwide with the aim of achieving a harmony between human activities and the natural environment.

Although the term «biodegradable polymers» is well known, there are no universal standards in place, and in many instances, the fate of these materials in composting media is unclear. In addition, the major drivers for growth in North America stem from mandated legislation, which may not develop for some time. Consumption is provided for North America, but there is considerable information on both Western European and Japanese products, technologies, markets and companies because biodegradable polymers need to be viewed on a global scale.

International Laboratory of Adhesives and Self-Adhesive Materials (ILASAM), Institute of Chemical Organic Technology
West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, PL-70-322 Szczecin,