Navigating the winds of change

Interview with Ing. Vincenzo Cerciello, Technical Director, Nordmeccanica S.p.A.

In 2018, Nordmeccanica celebrated its 40th anniversary. How have the challenges the company faces changed in the course of the years and which are the most important challenges the company faces today? Considerable changes have occurred over the years:

• Migration of many structures to the SL technology.

• The research of always more sophisticated products.

• The need for increasingly sophisticated machines from a technical and technological point of view that would allow more complete management also in terms of recipes and saving data to check the quality of the product (quality tracking), up to today’s industry 4.0 requirements.

• Machines assuring a lower energy consumption and Nordmeccanica has worked both on the optimization of electricity consumption and on the efficiency of the drying systems.

• The increased need to develop machines that could work thinner films.

• Downgauging of the films used, with more sophisticated machines for an accurate film tension control and management.

Nordmeccanica S.p.A., I-29122 Piacenza, at ICE Europe: Hall A6, Booth 392