Coating Lines

Trends in the industry

Interview with Ing. Vincenzo Cerciello, Technical Director, Nordmeccanica S.p.A.

What are currently the most important trends in your industry? I think the most important trends in our industry are the following:
• Increasing the functionality of the webs through the coating technology
• Increasing the use of the solventless lamination technology in order to ensure environmental sustainability and compliance with the most stringent food packaging requirements.
• Laminating the same materials in order to allow the possibility of packaging recycling

What is the Nordmeccanica take on these trends, and which technological solutions do you provide in answer to them? As industry trends remain a top priority for us at Nordmeccanica, we work with reliable partners in order to supply the market with turnkey solutions for complete customer satisfaction:
• Our latest tailor-made coating line is a 2300 mm web width machine with special dedicated coating heads expressly de­signed to apply functional lacquering.
• We just developed a lacquer coating process with Henkel in order to increase barriers on PET/BOPP: this will allow the use of laminates having the same technical features and therefore permitting recycling options.
• We consider solventless adhesives the future of flexible packaging. In 2016 we developed our Duplex SL 1-Shot that, together with the Symbiex adhesive of Dow Chemicals, allows lamination with the highest productivity structures with barrier films (PET/ALU, PET/PE/EVOH, etc.), assuring minimal emission and environmental sustainability.
• We continue to manufacture and always improve our coating trolleys for lacquers and adhesives to assure high coating performances and wettability, featuring «operator friendly» design and use.
• Our machines may be equipped with rotogravure and flexo in register systems to apply glossy and matte varnishes with an extremely accurate quality, compared to the present market standards.

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