When coating fails to impress

Discussing the remedies with Tom Kerchiss, RK PrintCoat Instruments Ltd

In which instances can coating fail to impress? Although the act of depositing a smooth and uniform coating of a prescribed thickness onto a substrate using an appropriate coating technology may go well – it doesn’t always pan out that way. Thin substrates, for instance, can create unexpected manufacturing problems such as tearing, wrinkling, creasing, stretching and many more, all of which impact on yield, product quality and product viability. A relatively recent trend is the move towards ever thinner coatings; coatings deposited on ever thinner substrates and often, for very thin end products, such as OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays; batteries; catalyst layer electrodes; climate control components (such as solar reflective films); photomasks and electronic communicative packaging devices, etc. These thinner layers need to be deposited with precision in order to ensure end-product performance is not compromised.

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