Cutting, Slitting, Winding

Efficient label production without liner

The reduction of waste is one of the biggest economic and industrial challenges for the packaging industry. Increasingly, customers and brand owners are demanding sustainable production processes and the avoiding of waste due to the demands of end consumers, public institutions and politics. Also in the production of self-adhesive labels, these demands of the market for environmental protection are a challenge. New solutions are needed. Usually, the printed label material is placed on a liner. The contour of the labels is cut with rotary cutting tools, the cutting edge of the cutting tool separating only the label material without damaging the liner. There are minimal distances between the individual labels. The result is a matrix, which is removed and ends up as waste. During further processing, the finished labels are then dispensed via a dispensing edge on the respective product, the liner is then also disposed of. In order to use the otherwise wasted material appropriately and to significantly reduce the amount of waste produced, the material manufacturer Ritrama, after several years of research, has developed Core Linerless solutions®: a technological platform based on a multifunctional liner that changes from waste to resource. This is possible by a converting process developed in cooperation with Omet and Spilker. The process will be shown live at this year’s Labelexpo.

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