Drying – process modelling and measurements

By Vivek Dhaka, Nikolaus Gröhl, Florian Lemm, Drytec GmbH & Co. KG

Introduction. Drying in roll-to-roll operations is one of the most important and complex process steps. The sheer complexity is dictated by the multi-dimensional dependency on several pro­cess parameters, for e.g. heat transfer coefficient (HTC), Lewis number, mutual diffusion coefficient, etc. The understanding of these parameters plays a crucial role in the dimensioning of dryers. The R&D department at Kroenert and Drytec is ceaselessly investigating in this field, while performing numerical simulation, theoretical modelling and experiments to evaluate alternative drying technologies and parameters aforementioned. This article will give an impression of realized HTC measurements and advantages of computer-aided simulation (CAS) in process and design optimization leading to improved economics.

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