Extrusion Coating

Extrusion Coating

Interview with Diego Ferrari, Sales Manager, Product Line Coating, Bobst Italia S.p.A.

What are today’s challenges in extrusion coating?
Ex­trusion coating and extrusion laminating are key processes to creating sophisticated packaging solutions, also allowing very thin coating weights. With the extrusion technology customers are able to cover a wide array of applications catering to different pro­ducts and markets; these range from milk/juice cartons and aseptic drink containers to flexible packaging (e.g. snack foods, toothpaste tubes, medical packaging); industrial wraps (e.g. drum li­ners and composite cans); plastic coated table cloths, insulation backed materials and sacks.

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Adhesion in extrusion coating – the X-factor

Interview with Erik Bijleveld, Product and application development, Yparex B.V.

What do you call the X-factor in extrusion coating of adhesives?
In a typical extrusion coating packaging for juice, milk, or pudding, a maleic anhydride modified extrudable adhesive resin is applied, if a barrier material like polyamide or EVOH is used in the film concept. Maleic anhydride modified adhesive resins are usually prepared by grafting in a twin-screw extruder. Suitable raw materials and know-how are necessary to formulate the perfect maleic anhydride modified material. We call the know-how the X-factor.

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