Functionalized Materials

Storing sound on paper

Soundpaper™ is an affordable, easy-to-use system that converts ordinary paper into an extraordinary talking label in seconds. Soundpaper is a patented technology developed by Labels That Talk (LTT). This system records sound into a next-generation barcode that is readable with an iPhone, Android phone and a variety of other scanners when using the app running on an iOS or Android device. Audio response is instantaneous, requiring no Internet or cell connection. Sound quality is superior to telephone voice quality. This barcode can be printed using many different types of printers. Like any other barcode, it is easy to read, low cost and flexible. In addition to instant audio, Soundpaper allows embedded URL’s, geo-coded location stamps, time stamps, tamper-evident printing, encrypted content, authentication with a digital signature, or any other digitized information. The possibilities are said to be endless.

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