ICE South East Asia Preview

An exhibitor’s take on the coating and converting market in South East Asia

Interview with Arun Nair, Pruftechnik S.E.A. PTE LTD on the impact ICE South East Asia –
Thailand 2018 has on his company and the market it serves.

How important is the South east Asian coating and converting market for your company? Demand for coating and converting products within the region is growing, especially due to different promotional campaigns that many countries are driving to increase growth in specific sectors and to attract foreign investors. For example, Thailand’s Kitchen of the World has generated increasing demands in food packaging, while other countries have started their promotional programs not only for food industries. Coating and converting applications play a major role in such growth. There are more emerging suppliers who strive to serve their customers with better quality, implementing new technology, and to gain a competitive edge against their rivals by offering more cost-effective products. That means they also need to focus on their production efficiency in every process. Pruftechnik as a company, which offers innovative solutions to rotating machinery, aim to become a reliable and competent partner to the coating and converting market to make sure that we are always available and responsive to meet their need in rotating machinery maintenance. We increased our number of experienced personnel and state-of-the-art measurement devices to make sure that we have enough resources to answer growing market needs.

Pruftechnik S.E.A. PTE LT, Harbourlink Complex Singapore, Booth 213


Coating and converting in the ASEAN

Following the success of the CCE South East Asia debuting in 2016, the show will not only be repeated this year, it will also be reinforced by concurrent ICE South East Asia – Thailand 2018, the exhibition for paper, film, foil and nonwovens converting industries serving the entire South-East Asia region, premiering in Bangkok, Thailand. Coating International asks Kanokwara Anutarawatr, Senior Manager, Mack Brooks Exhibitions Asia Ltd. all about this new show.

Mack Brooks Exhibitions Asia Ltd., Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 Thailand, www.