Self-adhesive modified acrylics with excellent adhesion to EPDM substrates

By Zbigniew Czech, Head of International Laboratory of Adhesives and Self-Adhesive Materials (ILASAM) Institute of Chemical Organic Technology, Katarzyna Dudek and Wojciech Stanuch, West Pomeranian University of Technology

Introduction. The technology of solvent-borne acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) suitable for adhering to EPDM substrates has been developed. The resulted acrylic PSAs based on isooctyl acrylate are used to manufacture double-sided tapes containing polyester film or a non-woven paper carrier. Since their in­troduction half a century ago, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives have been successfully applied in many fields. They are used in self-adhesive tapes, labels, sign, marking and protective films as well as in dermal dosage systems for pharmaceutical applications, in biomedical electrodes and OP-tapes.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are non-metallic materials used to bond other materials, mainly on their surfaces through adhesion and cohesion. Three properties, which are useful in characterizing the nature of pressure-sensitive adhesives, are tack, peel (adhesion) and shear (cohesion). The first measures the adhesive’s ability to adhere quickly, the second its ability to resist removal by peeling, and the third its ability to hold in position when shearing forces are exerted. Generally speaking, the first two are directly related to each other but are inversely related to the third. The most important bonding processes are bonding by adhesion and bonding with pressure-sensitive adhesives.

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Consistent performance across multiple geographies

Interview with Meike Wesseling, Regional Market Manager Eu­rope, Packaging & Pressure Sensitive Industry at Dow Performance Silicones (heritage Dow Corning), and Alberto Lora Lamia, Marketing Manager Acrylic Adhesives at Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics.

At Labelexpo you introduced a new acrylic adhesive. What is this product? Alberto Lora Lamia: We are introducing a product especially designed for self-adhesive filmic labels. There is a continuously growing trend to shift from paper-based labels to synthetic film-based labels. These types of material require a specific adhesive to make them work effectively and to provide a consistent desired performance both in the end-use as well as in the converting process.

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