Labelexpo Preview

All you ever wanted to know about labels…

Interview with Lisa Milburn, Managing Director, Labelexpo Global Series

1. This year is the 40th anniversary of Labelexpo. Will you be organizing anything special to commemorate the anniversary? Yes, we will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Labelexpo on the first night of the show, at our annual Label Industry Global Awards event. We have introduced a couple of new categories to this year’s Awards to mark this fantastic milestone and celebrate the industry – European Converter of the Year and also Rising Star Award. The event is set to be our largest Awards night ever, with a very exciting line up of entertainment planned as we go back to the 1980s. We are also collecting exhibitor stories about the show over the years, which we will make available online, and are producing a short video to mark this milestone, which visitors will be able to see on-site at Brussels Expo and online in the run-up to the show.

Tarsus Group Ltd., London, W6 8DL, UK

Lasers and labels

A global leader in laser technology, Rofin-Sinar UK rebranded as Luxinar with effect from 25 June 2019. The company will be exhibiting a selection of its SR series and OEM series sealed CO2 laser sources, from its expanding portfolio. Managing Director Klaus Leitner said: «While our name has changed, the core of our business remains the same. Our products are some of the most technologically sophisticated in the world, and they exist because of the people at the heart of Luxinar. With that foundation, we are continuing to pioneer cutting-edge laser technology, helping our customers across the world to sharpen their competitive edge.» Luxinar sealed CO2 laser sources can be used on a wide array of materials be they paper, card, plastic, polymer, foil, textiles, acrylic, rubber, FR4, glass, wood or ceramics, to mention a few. Applications range from cutting, drilling, kiss-cutting and perforating to marking, engraving, scribing and welding. Installed laser sources span a wide range of industries including, but not limited to, industrial, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and security. Luxinar’s OEM 45iX is suitable for high-end flexo printing. Its short optical pulse with high peak power improves edge quality and minimises the heat-affected zone.

Luxinar Ltd, Kingston Upon Hull HU13 0DG, UK, Hall 3, Booth A05

Labels – static control and web cleaning

At Labelexpo Europe 2019, Meech International will be presenting its latest technological developments to support label production, including: CyCleanTM R, Hyperion IonCharge 50-75w and IonCharge 30, and the HyperionTM960IPS. Meech will also be displaying its other well-established static control and web cleaning products. An enhanced version of Meech’s original CyCleanTM, CyCleanTM R is a single or double-sided non-contact web cleaner that utilises positive and negative airflows to clean low-tension webs. It is ideal for wider webs where lower tensions are commonplace. It is compact and capable of handling high-speed webs while using low levels of air consumption. Meech’s 924IPS bars are also installed as a part of the system. It has a compact design, making it suitable for use in tight spaces and can be used on narrow webs of up to 700 mm. The Hyperion IonCharge 30 and IonCharge 50 are upgrades of Meech’s 992V3 30kV and 50kV generators, respectively. Both versatile and technologically advanced, IonCharge 30 is compact and simple to install, while IonCharge 50 is Meech’s most powerful static generator.

Meech International, Oxon, OX29 0YN UK

Inspection in the narrow web market

Interview with Anne-Laureen Lauven, Head of Marketing at BST eltromat.

This year Labelexpo will celebrate its 40th anniversary. How often has BST eltromat already exhibited at the show and what is it that makes this show interesting for the company? BST exhibited at Labelexpo Europe for the first time in 1991 and has been present at every Labelexpo Europe since. Following the merger of BST and eltromat in 2014, the company exhibited for the first time at Labelexpo Europe in 2015 as BST eltromat International. Labelexpo exhibitions are very important for us because we started early to develop products specifically for the label and narrow web markets (e.g. the CompactGuide web guiding system or the 100% inspection system Shark 4000 LEX). Customers in the narrow web market had and have special requirements which BST eltromat has always been interested in and which we are happy to meet. The internationality of the exhibition series also fits very well with the worldwide organization of BST eltromat. In the entire product portfolio, quality assurance plays a major role in label production: we offer solutions for narrow web applications from web guiding, register control, web monitoring, colour management and meas- urement as well as workflow solutions. The fact that the narrow web and label market is still very important for BST eltromat, and will remain so in the future, is also evident from the majority holding in Nyquist Systems. The products around the TubeScan with the QLink workflow further round off BST eltromat’s product range. This enables us to better meet the needs and requirements of our customers in the label industry.

BST eltromat International GmbH, D-33739 Bielefeld, At Labelexpo: Hall 5, Booth D23, At FachPack: Hall 7A, Booth 138