Applications for the future:
upgrading without much effort

Interview with Dr Peter Palm, Managing Director Plasmawerk Hamburg GmbH

Which trends do you think dominate the converting industry on a short term, medium-term or long-term basis and which impact do they have on pre-treatment? As shown in the survey, «Trends in Converting» by the iffnwp (Institute for Film, Nonwoven and Paper, Hamburg), for all parties in the converting industry two issues are currently determining the future. Coaters, extrusion coaters as well as laminators are concerned with, firstly, the pressure on prices and margins, and secondly, the quest for new applications. A closer look at the study reveals that especially the research for new applications and the related pressure to innovate as well as developing new markets are future challenges for converters. Labelling seasonal products is a good example: small lots need to be produced just as professionally and cost-effectively as the standard lot size so that the product can fulfil its marketing purpose. Cost may not rise. A demand that corners the producer. Innovation always begins with an issue that needs to be resolved. For the converting industry, this is always related to the adhesion to be achieved between the substrate used and the coating. New processes to solve the complex demands in coating, laminating and printing in an efficient, reliable and cost-neutral manner are expected.

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