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Pulp and Paper

Interview with Petra Hanke, Executive Director, Zellcheming Association

What are the current trends governing the paper industry and how is the Zellcheming-Expo accommodating them? Exciting «trends» in our industry fo­cus on paper, wood raw materials and ma­terials for new applications. These cover a wide range of fields – from the future use of customized papers in construction and building materials and flexible paper packaging to functional tissue paper and diagnostic medical paper-based sensors.

A lot of work has already been done by the Zellcheming Association – with the result that the technical committees have ex­panded specific topics. Entirely new topics have been adopted by the technical committees, for example, «Paper in new applications (PIA)».
Further topics have also emerged from subcommittees, such as the expert committee «Microbiology (MBIO)»; some have renamed themselves in line with their thematic focus, including the expert committee «DATA», which deals with Industry 4.0.
These measures will actively and directly help shape structural changes and transformations, which the industry is widely experiencing at present. This process is also reflected in this year’s agenda at the Zellcheming Annual General Meeting.

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