Print4All Preview

The debut of a new super-exhibition on printing and converting

Speaking to Giuseppe Carli, Fiera Milano, Exhibition Manager Print4All

This year the Converflex doesn’t exist anymore. The offer for converting, labelling and package-printing is not only part of the super-trade show, Print4All, but also under new management. What will be new for visitors, and what is the same or similar to the last Converflex? Print4All in­tends to be an innovative and effective response to the changes currently taking place in the printing market. In fact, compared to the other trade show proposals, it goes beyond the traditional segmentation of commercial, publishing and industrial printing to offer an all-encompassing showcase of solutions, technologies and content. Born of the idea conceived by ACIMGA and ARGI – the two associations that represent Italian and international manufacturers of printing machines – and organised by Fiera Milano, it is an innovative format that embraces the sector in its entirety, whilst also focusing on the needs of professionals before and after the process. With this in mind, the proposal is intended for all professional figures who own a print-related business: printers, as well as brand owners and creatives. Each and every operator attending the fair will be able to try out new technologies, whilst also benefiting from suggestions and ideas relating to the opportunities that printing can offer their business: finishings, the ‹wow› effect, personalisation, digital printing, package printing and large sizes.

Fiera Milano S.p.A., I-20149 Milano,