Printing, Coating, Laminating

Specifications: stable web run, easy handling, flexible configuration

Interview with Mr Berthold Berens, Head of Technology at Inno Tape, regarding their latest machine extension

In which sectors does Inno Tape operate and for which industries do you offer which products and services? As a converter of adhesive tapes, we have specialised in the markets automotive, electrics and industry. We offer our customers adhesive tapes in adapted presentations and with different characteristics … Sealing, conducting, shielding, protecting – in most of the projects it is not only a matter of mere sticking. There is always more to it.

Spilker GmbH, D-33818 Leopoldshöhe

Producing matt film with solvent-free UV varnishes

Herbert Nadj, CEO of KBA-FT Engineering, explains the machinery involved.

KBA-FT Engineering is launching the new FoilCoat line for the production of matt foils using solvent-free UV varnishes. When will this machine be available on the market and where can a potential customer view such equipment in action? FoilCoat has been developed over the last 18 months together with our partner – Innovative Oberflächentechnologien GmbH (IOT) in Leipzig, Germany – specifically for coating films using excimer and UV direct cure technology. Engineering has been optimized to meet product and market requirements. The machine has been available on the market since the beginning of 2018. Koenig & Bauer can display samples and provide examples of applications.
The first FoilCoat will go into operation at KBA-FT Engineering in Frankenthal, Germany, at the end of this year. Koenig & Bauer is planning an Open Day for po­tential customers.

KBA-FT Engineering, D-67227 Frankenthal, At Print4All: Hall 18, Booth: G16 and H21