Quality Assurance

Making quality of nonwovens measurable

The headquarters of Hanwha Advanced Materials Germany GmbH is located in the heart of Bavaria, in the Sieben-Täler town of Dietfurt. The manufacturer of high-quality, acoustically effective solutions for automotive engineering belongs to the Korean Hanwha Group, a conglomerate with around 60,000 employees worldwide and a turnover of 55 billion US dollars. The German site currently employs around 250 people who, as Tier 1 suppliers (direct suppliers) for all well-known German automotive manufacturers, primarily produce acoustically effective components such as vehicle underbody panels and textile wheel arch liners. The multilayer structure of the vehicle parts, typical for Hanwha, ensures that noise generated by splash water and the road surface is minimised. Up to seven different material layers are required for the desired result. This demands a lot from production. «The particular challenge with textile wheel arch liners is to achieve high acoustic absorption without neglecting robust mechanical requirements,» explains Martin Hering, head of materials development at Hanwha. To offer customers maximum quality, Hanwha already wanted to influence the use of materials, Hering continues. Therefore, it was decided to produce its own nonwovens in order to guarantee top quality from the very first fibre.

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