Rollers – yesterday, today and tomorrow

Lüraflex, initially based in Ratingen and now in Neuss, is 70 years old. It was founded by Gerhard Lückenotto in 1949, initially as a seller of rubberised articles. Over the years, Mr Lückenotto specialised in rollers. The next step was to set up a roller production plant. The Lückenotto family successfully managed the company until the third generation. In 2012, the Lückenotto family sold the company. Since then, the company has not only developed as a roller manufacturer, it has also constantly expanded its product range to include special solutions. This resulted in eight German and European patents and property rights. One of the company’s best-known special solutions is the expander roller, which is now manufactured in a wide variety of designs tailored to different applications. Other well-known products include the air chamber roller, the anti-adhesive surface, the control roller, the special hoses and last but not least the new-generation flying splice roller. «After 24 years of working in the company, I have experienced all the different aspects of Lüraflex,» says Armando Giovannelli, head of sales and marketing at Lüraflex. «But a product is only as good as the people behind it. People who take their work seriously, enjoy it, have fun and are responsible. Such capital is priceless, and it is essential for the manufacture of a product and above all for the willingness to develop and test new products and to achieve production and market maturity. I am convinced that it is this capital that has made Lüraflex so successful in recent years – the company’s production continuity as well as its willingness to engage in new developments with customers. This results in a wealth of experience which ultimately customers also benefit from», says Mr Giovannelli about the past years.

Lüraflex GmbH, D-41460 Neuss, At ICE Europe: Hall A6, Booth 776