A new siliconizer

The platform Coating 8000 is the basis for high-performance machines with wide web and very high production speeds: 800 – 1000 m/min. The siliconizing machine based on this platform can be employed for different types of silicone applications, depending on the coating application system installed.
The first application form is a solventless silicone application with UV curing. Typical products are the adhesive tapes for diapers or sanitary napkins. A second option for this machine is the application of water-based silicone to paper. Examples of this are bakery products such as baking paper, etc. A third option is the application of solvent-based silicone to paper or film for prepreg liners or materials inserted between a composite in lightweight construction, for example aeroplane wings. The fourth option is the application of thermally curing silicone applied to paper. The machine shown at the open house was set up for this option. It can coat various types of paper from 30 to 160 gsm. One example for these applications is the liner for bottle labels or for Band-Aids.

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