Speciality Papers

Highly filled speciality papers for use in fuel and electrolysis cells

By Dr Stefan Knohl, Head of Functional Products, Division Fibres & Composites, Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)

Highly filled speciality papers increase the efficiency of conventional technologies and open new opportunities and advantages for the paper industry. Besides increasing energy efficiency, a sustainable and economic energy supply also plays a crucial role in other sectors, such as mobility, energy storage or efficient resource management. Generating energy based on renewable sources is a key issue. Newly developed materials and alternative technological concepts are needed for realization. In this context, paper-derived materials can assume important functions from individual components in batteries or fuel cells.
Paper as a flat material offers many advantages, which on the one hand result from the possibility of sheet or roll processing and thus a cost-effective manufacturing process, and on the other hand, are characterized by lower manufacturing costs compared to many other materials. To exploit the process advantages of paper production, properties such as porosity, conductivity, permeability and electrical resistance must be generated in adverse environmental conditions. This can be achieved using functional fillers and special fibres.

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