Surface treatment test lab

Surface treatment has come a long way in the 70 years since Verner Eisby, the founder of Vetaphone, invented and developed the technique that is now known worldwide as Corona. As market demand has led to the evolution of new inks, lacquers, and substrates, so surface treatment has been refined and become more highly tuned to today’s complex market requirements in which the demand for film- and foil-based printed packaging continues to rise. To cater to this growth in demand and improve market appreciation of the latest technology, Vetaphone has invested its experience and know-how in a state-of-the-art Test Lab facility at its headquarters in Kolding, Denmark. The Test Lab, which is located onsite in Kolding, offers printers, converters, laminators and extruders the opportunity to run tests under controlled laboratory conditions before committing to the expense of commercial production. The same facilities are available to ink, lacquer, and substrate manufacturers too, each of which is under close market scrutiny to ensure that their new products meet or exceed the current international standards.