Textile Coating

Parylene based technologies for smart coatings and wearables

By Franz Selbmann and Frank Roscher, Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS

Considering ongoing trends such as the «Internet of Things» and «Smart Everything», the integration of functional elements like sensors and actuators in items of daily use is necessary to enable new features. A promising approach for this is the fabrication of electronic systems by embedding active and passive electronic components into polymer coatings, using established technologies for layer deposition. A polymer, which is established in the coating technology and which combines various excellent properties is Parylene. Besides its chemical inertness, optical transparency, good temperature stability, low permeability and dielectric properties, in particular, its ISO 10993 certified biocompatibility and biostability are of high interest for numerous applications. In addition, its deposition process at room temperature is advantageous and enables the coating of various materials such as printed circuit boards, wafers or paper. The resulting layers are highly conformal and without internal stresses. Typical layer thicknesses are in the range of several micrometres only. For the integration of different functional elements, the realization of miniaturized metallic conductive paths, as well as their embedding into Parylene, is crucial.

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