Waste Air

Turning waste air into a resource to generate power

Interview with Stefan Gores, Manager Krantz Clean Air Solutions

Krantz Clean Air Solutions has further developed the removal of solvents from waste air using thermal exhaust air purification so that the developing heat can be converted into energy. The first pilot project was realized at KSK Industrielackierungen GmbH & Co. KG, who run several paint spray lines. How does this reference project work? In contrast to the classical methods of thermal exhaust air purification (TNV, KNV and RTO), our new technical solution feeds the solvent-laden exhaust air into the combustion chamber of a microturbine at a pressure level of approx. 3.5 bar. Here the oxidation of the solvents takes place and reduces the consumption of the natural gas burners within the combustion chamber. Afterwards, the hot exhaust gas is expanded via a turbine wheel. The kinetic energy recovered here is used both for the compressor of the microturbine and for driving an electric generator. In this way, the energy content of the solvent-laden exhaust air can be used to generate electricity.

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